Viking is a powerful software package fully aimed at ease of use and with user friendlines in mind. It features a clean and simple user interface, yet it has all required interfacing and calculations under the hood.

Viking Dredge is a specialized version of Viking Navigation, it introduces added functionality such as 3D DTM dredging area support and suction pipe/dredging tool interfacing. Viking Dredge can be used on virtually any type of dredger, be it a large trailing suction hopper dredger, a small cutter dredger or an hydraulic excavator.

Viking Survey is an extension to Viking Navigation and thus offers the same ease of use and all features already present in Viking Navigation.With added support for an array of hydrographic sensors and equipment Viking Survey is a great addition to the Viking product range.

Viking Offshore This modules provides Viking with an on-screen display of distances from the vessel to points around it. Warnings can be displayed when the vessel goes too far away or too near to these points. Points around the ship can also be updated real-time through an external source like a sonar device to provide distances to moving objects.

With a long and rich history the Viking is developed in-house by CT SYSTEMS since the eighties. With its predecessor being the ODIN Video Plotter of the seventies. Followed by the Odin Software of the eighties, which was later rebranded as Viking software since the nineties.

From there Viking further developed into a powerful software solution for dredging, positioning, and surveying.

Customisable User Interface
Using the built in layout editor any sort of visual interface can be built. A wide selection of customisable maps, graphs and statuses are available.

For dredging operations front, top and side views can be chosen, along with specific dredging instruments and 3D views. Custom layouts can also be sorted into tabs, additional windows, and of course layouts can be saved and loaded.

Using the Network Module a stand alone Viking system can share realtime postion data and actively share chart’s, DTM, point fixes and logs. Either fully automated or with a simple click on a button.

Viking Process
Accompanying the Viking software itself, Viking Process is a separate program providing functionality for processing and editing of Viking log data.

Viking Process is available separately, and more information is available on our website. Built In ship editor with/DXF Import feature

Coordinate Systems
Viking has a built in coordinate system manager with preconfigured coordinate systems, and has support for custom projections, geoid’s and chart datums.

Office Software
For offline work and preparations an offline version of Viking is available.

Due to the flexibel licensing this version is the same as a full Viking system with exclusion of any 1/0 and positioning features.

Custom Software Development
Alongside the software modules and bundles that are available for Viking, custom additions and modifications are also among the possibilities. When the flexible licensing, layout manager, and advanced 1/0 do not suffice, custom modifications and modules can be tailor made to suit the requirements.