Network Update – March 2021

Together with our partner CNH Industrial we are constantly improving our network. In this update we like to share our latest improvents. Like adding Portugal to the list of countries with full coverage! That is adding 92.212 km² of full coverage to our network. There are also some improvements on our RTK LiveMapp. Check out our latest innovations.

Update on the RTK LiveMap

We aim to constantly improve our global RTKcoverage and network. Our RTK network currently delivers full coverage to over 25 European countries. Besides focussing on getting full coverage in new countries, we are also focussing on improving our existing network. One of these improvements can be found in updating the RTK LiveMap. See below our latest updates.

What’s new:

  • Can support more simultaneous rovers
  • Additional trouble shooting information for dealers
  • Already integrated information for new constellations such as Galileo
  • City search
  • Updated design

More information about the Portugal RTK network? Check this link:

Source: Premium Positioning